Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Connecting back boiler to existing stoves

One question that comes up regularly is "Can I connect a new back boiler to my existing heating system?"


The answer to that is usually yes but it really depends on the type of back biomass boilers.  My own back boiler is manufacturered by Grant engineering (can't remember what it is called now) but by connecting my Biomass stove in combination with a thermal store I managed to get the job done.  
It's also possible to hook it up with a conventional boiler which will run your central heating at times when the stove is not on or to link the stove to another renewable energy heat source such as a solar water heating system.  Having said this it's possible with some back boilers and stoves to have an all in one system which can provide your heating, hot water and also hot plate to even cook your food upon!  Talk about convenience!
Connecting your back boiler and stove to a solar thermal heating system are particularly useful and a good combination.  doing it this way allows you to heat your home in the winter with your Biomass fuel and in the summer time the solar panels can provide you with the source of energy you will need when no central heating is required.
As usual there are always advantages and disadvantages to buying a back boiler, there is a particular good blog post over at Grant May's site http://grantmay151.blog.com/2013/10/22/6-good-reasons-to-switch-to-a-back-boiler-7-reasons-not-to/
which spells out some good point for and against back boilers.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

A blog about alternative energy and heating

A layman investigation into alternative energy sources

Some time ago I decided to start looking at alternative ways to use energy for heating and electricity.  With the ever rising cost of living and fuel bills this is something that a lot of people have started to educate themselves on and people are now trying to save money and the planet by switching or campaigning for a better use of our Earths natural resources.

Wikipedia lists alternative energy as:

Solar - providing energy from the sun
Wind - obtaining electricity from the wind
Geothermal - Using the earths internal heat to boil water and therefore use as a source of energy
Biofuel - derived from plant sources as an alternative to fuel for engines
Nuclear fission - using nuclear binding to provide an energy source
Hydrogen - this is clean fuel used by spaceships and some cars

Biomass Fuel and Solar panels

Closer to home and more easily obtainable are Biomass boilers, other sources of energy are found to be popular too such as solar panels.  I've just been looking at some products from Grant engineering so I've provided a link here to them for more information.

I have started my own investigation by looking at several sources such as wikipedia but one particular inspiring source of information is Ted.com

If you haven't seen this great site before then I fully recommend that you do.  Here is a list to a 'playlist' related to alternative energy talks.  There are ten talks in all which you can see below:

Here is a link to that page: http://www.ted.com/playlists/58/the_end_of_oil.html

Total run time 2:33:18